Enjoying the Ride

If you are a church planter then you know all about those feelings of working, and hoping, and praying, for the day you and your church finally arrive (You can define “arrive” for yourself). I guess since that is where we are as a church, still not arrived, I felt compelled to write this. It is so easy to spend all our time and focus and energy on trying to reach that next attendance barrier or whatever we are hoping for that we forget to enjoy the ride itself.

It’s been my experience in life that once you finally do “arrive” it is not nearly as good a feeling as you had hoped. The REAL excitement in arriving happens during the process that leads you to that moment. Take the Florida Gators for instance. Their win last night in the BCS Championship Game I’m sure was a sweet feeling. BUT, today it’s over. Sure they might get a parade and trip to meet the President or something. But, the “feelings” are gone. They are brief and never fully what you had hoped for if that is all you live for.

The real excitement was back in the 92 degree two-a-day practices. The real excitement was getting ready for each game. The real excitement was getting ready for a BCS bowl game. The same can be true for you and me if we enjoy the ride. Enjoy each new person that comes to your church. Enjoy those out of control weeks. Even enjoy the set up at 7am! The day will come when all those things will be distant memories. You will have arrived. There will be so many new people that you can’t acknowledge them all. Things will run smoothly from all the layers of systems implemented. And, you will never lift a speaker or chair again. And, in that moment of arrival it will feel a little bit empty unless you enjoy the ride now. So this weekend. Step back. Look around. Smile. And, enjoy each moment of this amazing thing God has called you to do.

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