Love, Sex, and... God?

This Sunday we begin a brand new series at Church of the Suncoast called "Love, Sex, and...God?" For a long time the church has dropped the ball on this powerful topic. We left it to the media to tell us what sex and sexuality are all about.

Why is that? I mean you open the Bible and before you leave Genesis 2 you have found sex in the Bible. Have you ever read the Song of Solomon? Wow! That is some adult reading material if I ever saw it.

My guess is the church has ignored or taught against sex because it makes us uncomfortable. Not talking about sex. I mean guys on the golf course and girls in the salon have no problem talking about sex. It is just that in church it freaks us out! So this Sunday we are putting the church back in the bedroom and the bedroom back in church. If you are a church planter and would like to see some of our content e-mail me at

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Unknown said...

Hey Brian,
My name is Julie Cannon. We met very breifly last year we came to your church with a group from Suncoast Church of Tampa Bay to help you out. Long story short we are looking for something closer and are planning to check you guys out on Sunday. This topic sounds interesting. I look forward to hearing what you have to say !
Take Care.