Tampa Bay Church Planting Network RE-CAP

Tampa Church Planters Network (1.15.07)

Volunteerism – Hal Mayor from Church @ the Bay

STAFF (Paid or Volunteer) – What do you look for?
Follow Through
Same Vision
People Skills
Multiply Themselves
Demonstrated Skills

For Hal:

***Multiply Themselves***

One staff member will get you to 500 – Those who enlist.

One will get you to a 1000 – Leaders of Leaders. They can enlist enlisters.

How do you find them? - Church Attendees in the “Pool.” Need to get them on a “ladder” out of the pool. Think incrementally in steps. (Training Shamu Illustration) The Steps: Reward volunteers as they jump over the rope higher and higher. The Ladder: Decide what steps there are on the ladder and what level of commitment is needed to be at that step.

Book: Ken Blanchard “Situational Leadership”

If they get stuck on the ladder kick them off and put them on another ladder.

BIGGEST MISTAKES (From the group):

No Worship Leader
No Money / Raising Funds as You Go
Too Small a Space
Spring Launch
Not Being Prepared for the Drain
Not taking Advantage of the Space in between Previews

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