C3 NOTES (Day 2)

Here are the notes from day two:

C3 Session 5 >> Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Ex 4:1-12

Has God ever done something that scared you?

You have to get alone with God to lead.

If you think you are prepared, you are not. If there is nothing that intimidates you, you will never succeed in ministry. You have to humble yourself. Attitude determines your altitude.

“When Shepherds Lead”

Taking people from one location to another. Not stationary. God is a moving god. You have to move with God or you are worshipping where God was.

The Shepherd Source > Ultimately you have to be alone with God to find your own DNA. When you find your original self you will find your true calling in life. Moses life… Leadership has to be drawn out. Only God can get the fullness of His calling out of you. God has fully equipped you for what He has called you to do.

If you are not controversial you can’t be effective.

The Shepherds Spirit > There should be something out of your personal experience that is your passion for ministry. What are the uniqueness of your ministry? What is the DNA of your church? Branding your ministry… What is your brand? What are you known for? Is that filtering down through all your church? Does everybody know it?

Deut 39:9-12

Can you go to anyone in your ministry and find the same vision at the bottom that is at the top? Can they tell you your brand clearly?

Franchise it. The staff, leaders, volunteers, have to carry out the brand. They don’t get to re-brand it. “You don’t get to paint the golden arches blue.” -- Num 11:11-17 Has everyone bought into the vision?

The Shepherds Staff > Every leader gets to the point where they don’t know where they are going… All you see if trouble. “Moses what is that in your hand?” You have to learn how to use your staff. You have to stretch your staff. Never hire or appoint someone who is not willing to be stretched. You don’t want people who can only do one thing. You can’t afford to hire people that can only do one thing. Great teams can do the “next” thing. Find your “12” and stretch them. They should have the DNA of your ministry in them so that they can transition into the “next” thing. It’s OK as a pastor to lean on your staff.

As a pastor you need people that you can place your full weight on. The miracle is in your staff. God may not be waiting to strengthen you; He might be waiting on the staff to be strengthened.

The Shepherds Study > Why does God ask us to do what we can’t? Why does God ask us to work in our greatest weakness? Because God looks the best when we are at our worst. Where is your stutter? Where do you feel inadequate? That is where God wants to do something amazing.

C3 Session 6 >> Ed Young Jr. & Ed Young Sr.

What I learned from my Dad

>> The power of personal evangelism. There are a lot of people in our lives trying to see Jesus in us. Evangelism starts with the leader. If you aren’t doing it then it won’t happen in the church.

Dad says: It has to be who you are as a believer. Begins with a friendship.

>> The crucial role of leadership. Take people where they need to go, not where they want to go. The best leaders are people you have to go out and find, not the ones that volunteer.

>> The hard things first.

>> Have zero partiality in your life. How you treat someone that can do nothing for you.

>> The discipline of study. 80% of the results of your church are in the preaching. It’s the weekend stupid!

>> The power of the absence. Take time off in blocks of time. Weeks at a time! 17,000 pastors a year leave the ministry. Take the natural breaks! 4th of July, memorial day, week in between Christmas and New Year. Thanksgiving weekend.

>> Hospitality happens. Open your home to make REAL deposits in peoples lives.

>> Promote, promote, promote. At your big events you have to promote the next thing! Even promote baptisms.

>> Vision. Seeing the unseen.

>> Have a funeral in your mind for negative people.

>> Generosity. Generosity begins in your home. To raise money you have to be a giver!
>> Marry over your head.