The Hate Has Finally Stopped

This past Sunday at Church of the Suncoast we wrapped up week #2 of a new series we are doing called "The 4 Most Annoying Things About Christians." And, I think the hate mail, e-mail, and voice mail has finally stopped. We did a 25,000 piece postcard for this series and I had on average 4 or 5 NASTY responses each day for about a solid week! One in particular was really nice. We had a lady (anonymous of course) that said "I'm sure you will take up an offering at your church and buy a nice new car, house, vacation... what a life." Then she signed it saying that she is praying we come back to the real church... from a member of a Catholic Church. Then another one said that she could never come to a sub-par church like ours because she was one of those annoying Christians. And, still another person said this was not a real church and that she was praying for my soul. -- Hey thanks, I need that.

Seriously, if you are a church planter and would like to take a look at any of our stuff just shoot me an e-mail at and I can burn you a CD with the message roll in video, the postcard, and some of the talks. You have to love it when the response you get from the community proves the point of the series.