The BIG Move

Yesterday Church of the Suncoast moved for the second time in our short history. I thought this e-mail would put it in better perspective then I could. This makes a long day worth it:

---Start E-mail---

"I was reminded today of a 5 hour set-up at a day care in February, 2006.


How do you make this work?

How are these dip switches supposed to be set?

Why can't we get any sound out of the microphones?

Should we run the wires out and around the sides?.

Blue tape everywhere!!!

We were at the day care for at least 5 hours setting up, and then there was the tear down and putting everything - that's everything in the trailer.

Would anybody come? Would Bruce be able to help them all park wherever they wanted?

Some times we had a band. sometimes we had part of a band. Sometimes we had a worship leader, sometimes we borrowed a worship leader, sometimes...well...

But it got better. The set-up became a breeze and at least one set-up flunky said, "hey we don't need to be here this early anymore".

Then, we moved...

The room was now much bigger and had a real stage. The cable runs were longer. The new power speaker wire connectors didn't hold the insulation the way they should. The fog/haze machine connector broke.

The tables have benches! Rats, people prefer individual chairs.

Everything needs to be longer, set-up higher, bigger. Bigger room, bigger sound, more services for the people, more opportunities for the people to get involved.

Chasing down the feed-back gremlins was a regular day.

Making sure we left everything better than we found it was the norm

Usually it was.

Set-up the first time, Yup, again a multi- day event and about twice the time it took in the end.

Again, at least one set-up flunky from the "blue" team (Hey, there's teams now) suggested "hey we don't need to be here this early anymore".

Then, we moved again...

The horrible realization hit like a brick. "Everything no longer fits into our trailer".

But, we need it all. or most of it.

The new place will be great. A new group of neighbors, a new opportunity to reach out and bring a new chance for people to take their next steps with God.

The set-up required about 3.5 hours. 1.5 on Friday and 2 hours on Sunday morning (7 - 9 AM). That's a whole 1.5-hours less than the day care. Hum?

Two rear screen projectors, a complete new stage layout, lighting brings back the bridge, the up lights are on the center stretch of fabric. The subs and the speakers are stacked, There are two separated spaces in the Mangroves plus a picket fence and a colorful drape The Kidmo is a drape makers dream. I can't even count the chairs that got moved out and then back in. Those tables and benches were sure a lot easier than the chairs...

Three channels chose be be flaky on the sound board. Six members of our wonderful band filled the place with praise. You gave the message, and made it all look effortless.

One sign apparently went missing. Several people missed the street and had to turn around b4 finding us. ( Hey you gotta find us to worship with us!). Take-down took 1.5 hours so we have a little work to do there. The Pastor worked way too hard, so we've got a little work to do there.

Today the Church of the Suncoast has at least 4 times the number of people that call this place home from those days in February, 2006. We also have at least 6.5 times the money to re-launch September 2nd.

God is doing great things through this ministry, and he's using his servant Brian Moon to lead the effort. Through all of the details. Through all of the uncertainties. Through all of the challenges.

You done great my friend.

Well done.

PS You know.. I'm feeling like God's just getting warmed up here."

---End of E-mail---

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Anonymous said...

I have one thing to say....

AMEN, brother!!!!!!

- - - - - - - - - - -

My family were "attendees" during the Day Care Era, so did not know much of the internal workings, but during our next two eras my family was in the thick of it and it is GREAT to see how God is working through each situation and everyone involved, no matter how much or how little it is. Everyone is doing his or her part and it is awesome.

God IS doing a great thing through His church and its Christ-followers. We will all grow through these changes in venue. Then when God gives our final "destination" I have a strong feeling we will not take it for granted and He will be glorified even more.

Ok. There was more than one thing to say…