What I Have Learned

This weekend Church of the Suncoast has it's 71st service. This would have probably been a better post for the 75th service, but I was thinking of it today. So, what have we learned in 71 services of setting up and tearing down in 3 different locations now? In 71 services? In 71 messages? Here are some random thoughts:
  • Blue tape is da bomb! We have gone through hundreds of rolls of painters tape (or blue tape). We use it to hold down the snake and other wires from the sound cart, to fix broken things (I talk about that in a minute), and to hold up signs. It is great because it doesn't leave any residue like duct tape.
  • Stuff breaks and no one tells you. If you do portable church you will break stuff, and people will not always tell you about it. So have some basic back ups like direct boxes, mic cables, par can light bulbs, batteries, more blue tape...
  • You don't need as much money as you think for sound and lighting. We are still using the same 16 channel sound board, snake, and speakers we started with. We went with Carvin for their durability and affordability. We spent about $12,000+ on sound and lighting and have only added a few lights and some sub-woofers. Get enough to do what you want, then look for cheaper ways to do it!
  • Overnightprints.com is the best place to get programs printed. We design one for each new message series and just leave a blank area inside for announcements. We then use a HP laserjet to print those.
  • People want to know the real you as a preacher. The more you show people who you are through videos or stories the more they relate. Like it or not you are what brings them back on the front end.
  • Work on the transitions. Ask the people on Sundays about how anal I am about the transitions. I learned a long time ago to make those as quick and as seamless as possible. Don't have someone that is coming onto the stage in the seats. Put them backstage even if you have to create a backstage.
  • Get a worship leader!!! We borrowed, or worse, for the first few months. DON'T DO THAT! Get a person that can lead through the music even if you don't pay them for the rest of the week. You need a skilled person on the weekends!
  • Watch the number of seats. You can make or break a room by how many chairs you put out (assuming you can change that). Stick to the 70% rule. When you hit 70% capacity put out more chairs.
  • Thank volunteers! Tell them thank you, thank you, thank you every chance you get. They will be your lifeblood as your church grows. You can't do it alone!

I'm sure there are others so maybe later. But, think about those and if you have any let me know - brian@canthisbechurch.com

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