Take a Walk (by Craig Groeschel)

5-Star Service 3 (of 5) Published by Craig Groeschel August 29th, 2007

No One Pointed

When Amy and I checked into the resort, the lady at the desk walked us all the way to our room. Every other place I’ve ever stayed simply pointed in the direction of our room, or pointed to a very confusing map and expected us to wander around by ourselves.
After a couple of days, I noticed a pattern: Every time I’d ask where something was, the person would leave their post and take us to the desired destination. This small gesture was huge to me.

When someone walks into our churches, they don’t have a clue where to go. Instead of pointing towards the two-year-old room, or toward the bathroom, or toward the small group booth, we should stop what we’re doing and walk them all the way to where they’re going.

Who knows? We might make a difference… or even make a new friend.

What are some small gestures you can make toward guests that might make a big difference?

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