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This is from church planter Gary Lamb from Revolution Church.

Allow me to rant…
Every church planter I meet says they are starting their church to reach those that are disconnected from God. Many of them grew up in church, became Christians at a early age, and don’t even have a relationship with someone far from God, but they are going to reach those far from God. I listen to a lot of podcasts, watch a lot of videos from other churches, and it breaks my heart to know they are doing a lot of things and a lot of things well, but reaching those far from God is NOT one of them.

I have learned that most church planters REALLY don’t want to reach those far from God, they really want to do church in a cool way. There is a difference. Just because you have great video, loud music, dress casual, and use movie clips doesn’t mean you are reaching those far from God.

I honestly believe most planters would freak out if they started having to deal with the issues that come from reaching truly unchurched people. It is messy, ugly, scary, and actually can keep you from growing because it scares the hell out of those who grew up in church.

We had a person on our staff a couple of years ago who came here because he wanted to be part of a church that reached unchurched people. The first time his wife sat next to a couple of lesbians, he was rethinking that. This guy was a nice guy, but he couldn’t handle the ugliness that comes with reaching those that are far from God. He literally walked around the church on Sundays with a look of terror in his eyes. He didn’t want to reach lost people, he wanted a church where he could come and wear whatever he wanted and impress other Christians because he was at an church with a little edge. It wasn’t long before he was running for the hills. He couldn’t handle the messiness of reaching those with problems. The sad thing is he isn’t alone. Most guys can’t handle it.

When I say it is messy, I don’t think most guys understand what I mean, so allow me to walk you through my week that just got done. This is a pretty typical week at Revolution and the side 99% never see.

I have a bottle of pain pills worth about $400 on the streets sitting in my desk that one of our people’s spouse brought me after finding them. The name on the prescription isn’t the name of the person who brought them because they were bought on the street.

I had another one of our people lose their job for stealing thousands of dollars from the company they work for.

I have a addict in our church who has relapsed and in the process is about to lose EVERYTHING and he doesn’t even know it.

I set up an intervention for an addict that will take place this week. This is his last chance and he doesn’t even know it.

Last night I was at the ER until 3 in the morning because one of our people took a razor blade and slit both his wrists, his neck, and took around 80 sleeping pills. He’s alive, but I have to say it was the most horrific thing I have ever seen in my life.

All of that was just from this week. That is the life of reaching those disconnected from God. None of those people care how “cool” our church will be tomorrow. All they care about is we have created a place where they can come with all their crap and feel loved and connected.
I’ll be honest and tell you that there are times when pastoring Revolution freaks me out. There are times when I think it would be easier to do what most guys do and plant a church that really is a place for other Christians to come hang out and talk about how we are reaching unchurched people instead of doing it. I think that would be easier, but we would not be charging the gates of hell with that mindset. There are enough guys around doing that and doing it well.

Canton didn’t need another church. Canton didn’t need another church with loud music, casual dress, and “relevant” teaching. Neither do most of the towns where guys are planting. However, Canton did need a place that was loving the unlovable. It needed a place that was willing to get it’s hands dirty and deal with the messy crap that takes place in the lives of those far from God.
When a guy wants to tell me they are starting a church to reach the disconnected, I always ask them if they are sure they want to do that. I don’t think they understand the cost that comes with it. It literally can almost kill you at times.

BUT, if they do understand the cost, they will realize it is nothing compared to the reward of seeing lives changed with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is worth whatever cost there is. I would put everything on the line to continue to do what we do because the payoff is so huge.
Most guys won’t.

end rant.


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Anonymous said...


I just read Gary's rant and it made me think about what Steve said at our meeting the other day. About welcoming everyone.

Steve's comment and Gary's rant made me think about a time at ____________.

I was Assistant Director at ___________ Playhouse for a really neat gay young man. He and I were the only ones in the theatre at the time and he asked me a question that I will never forget.

He asked me if my church would welcome him and his partner. He said his partner's dad was a pastor and he felt (he knew) they would not be welcome there. I said I thought my church would welcome them but I never invited them. I have regretted that ever since.

I believe that would never happen again. I believe I would invite them....I would bring them to Suncoast.

It is hard and it is messy. And it will be uncomfortable for a lot of people.... but I think that is what God wants for Church of the Suncoast. He wants us to reach out to everyone.

Brian A. Moon said...

I agree!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel you take a huge burden for your fellow worshipers. God Bless you! I found your worship on Joy FM. I will come this Sunday. I bring bagage and am currently in a "life quake". I need help, I've turned to God but feel like I'm on a roller coaster. He's testing me to ensure I'm going to stay with Him this time. I look forward to this Sunday to meet other "people" like me. I don't want to meet with people that feel since they go to church that their lives will never endure crisis. God wants to keep our lives working.

Brian A. Moon said...

You will be glad you came. We are not perfect and we know the church is for imperfect people.

Sunday @ 10am, Rushe Middle School in Land O' Lakes.