Getting Ready for Easter

If you read this blog with any frequency it has been a few days since I last posted something... it's Easter week right? It a crazy, busy week for church leaders. As always things seem to go wrong the week before something like this. This week was no exception. But, as I was getting ready for another day of running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to make everything perfect for this week I read this in Matthew 11:27 (Brian's Paraphrase)

"No one knows God except His Son Jesus. And it is Jesus who then reveals the Father to those He chooses."

The reality of what we all believe in some degree or another hit me once again. God's activity in this world is the only way a person will ever cross that line of faith no matter what Sunday it might be.

The application from this few moments with God was this:

1) Ask for God's Activity - Are we asking God for Him to move in our church, our community, and our world?

2) Seek God's Activity - The whole where is God at work and join Him principle.

3) Pre-Pare for God's Activity - That is what most of us have been doing for the past few weeks. I don't know many church planters who are not busy preparing.

4) Pray for God's Activity - Are we praying about what happens when God moves? Are we praying through what it will look like, what we will need to do, what we will need to have ready? Will we be in tune with God when it happens?

I hope this helps you like it helped me this Easter week 2008. Tell me what you think, leave a comment:

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