Unchristian in Tampa Bay!

A good friend of mine Paul Wirth who started Relevant Church in the night club district of Ybor City, Florida has recently come under fire by some "Christians" who have been acting very Unchristian! They are wrapping up a series called "The 30-day Sex Challenge". The idea behind the series is that married couples would have sex for 30 days and singles would refrain from sex for 30 days. It is a test drive in Biblical sex you could say.

AND, they have received a lot of attention as you can imagine. Several local and national media outlets have featured them. All of which he said treated them with respect and accuracy. But, they have had a flood of down right nasty e-mails and things written about them from churches and "Christian" leaders. Things like they were going to hell for this stuff!!! Ouch! This kind of stuff makes me down right mad when I think about it.

This guy is kicking some serious dents in the size of hell in a totally unchurched area and all these high and mighty church leaders think he is satan himself. Where do they think Jesus would be these days? In the church or on 7th Ave? And, what kind of message does this send to the world around us? Isn't it time we fought the real battles facing our culture instead of this silly stuff? I applaud Paul for having the guts to do this!


Anonymous said...

This is why I left the church as a teenager.
I just thank God for bringing me back....to Jesus.
These people seem to be very "religious" rather than Christ followers. (following the traditions of men and forgetting the commandments of God?)
I've heard they attacked the church doing this, but I haven't read anything specific. I'd like to see if they cited any scripture or explained why they think this is wrong.
Look at what this church was asking:
1. Married couples - have abundant sex. [How is that unbiblical or sinful? They ARE married...]
2. Single people - DON'T have sex (for 30 days). [Are they just mad that he didn't ask them to do it forever?]

Maybe they are just angry that a church is talking about sex. Not talking about it is why many churches have member struggling with sexual addiction, pornography addiction, and unhappy sex lives in marriage. Married Sex is not a sin.

It is sad that, in America, Christians persecute Christians as much as anyone else does.

okay, i'm rambling...

Brian A. Moon said...

I agree. This is why a whole generation, my generation, of people have left the church. The criticism was about a lot of things but they got the most upset because they didn't ask them to abstain from sex forever (singles). Obviously, that is why they are not doing it for 30 days. To give God a chance to work in their lives. I think most church leaders are just not aware of the amount of sexual problems within their own walls.