Random Thursday Thoughts

This Easter we did not do a postcard. We did a gas buy down on Saturday (.50 a gallon) and a couple dozen yard signs. But, the biggest promotion piece was we spent the entire service the week before Easter talking about how to ask people to church. MY HOPE in saying all that, is I think we can keep a higher percentage than last year. We will see this Sunday. I am pretending "bomb" Sunday doesn't exists.

Our staff (Management Team) here at Church of the Suncoast has been working on how to effectively lead volunteers. We have been having some small challenges and are trying to figure out all the pieces to this. I think some of it is our problem. If we are leading and casting a big enough vision then people / volunteers should get in line for that. But, still other parts of it leave me uncertain that it is us? I wish there was a book or resource out there that talked honestly about what can be expected from volunteers and how to make it a life-changing experience for them as they make a church go. We love all the people that make our church work and just want them to have the best experience possible... Please let me know if you have any resource ideas or stories from your church leading experience.

I am really excited about wrapping up our Easter talk "Fatal Distractions" this week. We have a cool video planned from the movie "Seven" and some David Crowder "Deliver Me" music. The message came together nice and I think it will really be helpful. I know it has been helpful for me as I have applied some of it this week. I know I have plenty of distractions lurking in my heart that need God's light shined on them. I kind of feel like preaching to the preacher at times.

My friend Hal Mayer posted our Easter video on his blog. That was cool. I hope other churches can use it next year. If you would like a copy send me an e-mail brian@canthisbechurch.com

It has been neat to see how our church has bounced back from the forced move last fall. You can read all about it in older postings. Our attendace is back up and we have grown over the last 6 to 7 weeks. Still not sure why God pushed us down their, but He has proven to be faithful once again. I know He has big plans for the Suncoast this spring and summer... maybe two services in the fall???

I have come across a new blog I like. Check it out:

OK, enough for now :-)

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