Drive 08 Update #2

OK, so I promised notes from the conference... But, I am going to let you in on a little secret. All of the notes will be online after the conference is over so stay tuned for that link and get all the stuff that cost us hundreds of dollars :-)

Got up way to early.
Went to two morning breakouts.
The first was about Starting Point.
The second was on leadership.
Lunch sucked (ran out of food).
Did breakout number three on creative planning meetings.
Went to the main session two in the afternoon (They did worship from their new tracks deal where all you needed was a front person. Kind of cool for church planters!!!).
All 2,000 + church leaders took a road trip to Brownsbridge Church for a cook out, corn holing, R/C monster trucks, football, a concert and...

Jeff Foxworthy

You might be a redneck if Jeff Foxworthy speaks at your church conference. If was cool though. Did about an hour and a half show.

More breakouts tomorrow and the final session. And, the link to the notes :-)

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