"We Prayed" Cards

Recently, a couple of our people and I sat down for Nelson Searcy's Assimilation Webinar. After it was over we brainstormed ways we could improve our assimilation process. If you want to see what we came up with click HERE. But, a few weeks ago I sat down with one of the guys over lunch and we talked about another piece of the puzzle. He is responsible for entering all of the Communication Cards from the weekend into the database and he came across a prayer request on one of them that got his attention. He wanted to see if there was a way we could let these people know we had prayed for them. Some might try phone calls at this point, but I have found the people in our area are a little skeptical of calls and we even have had some negative feedback in the early days of the Suncoast when we would make a call to a second time guests or something like that. So we don't make calls is what I am saying. But, the idea still seemed like a good one. So, we decided to print up a bunch of postcards saying "We prayed for you today" and when someone gives us a prayer request on a Communication Card we send them one of these postcards with a little sentence or two on the back. Then we sign it. Simple. Takes only a few minutes. And, I like the idea that someone is getting a physical reminder that week that someone from the church actually cares about them. Here is what the cards look like:


Unknown said...

Glad the seminar was helpful! For a ton of Assimilation freebies, check out:


Hope you are doing well.


Brian A. Moon said...

Thanks Nelson!

We were doing a lot of it but I always like hearing that seminar over and over. Pick up on new things each time.

Do you think you could get a deal on the conference channel for the webinar.