Assimilation 2.0

The following is a look at some changes we are making at Church of the Suncoast to our assimilation process:

Lunch with the Pastor Invitations
We will start sending invitations to guests that have visited since the last Lunch with the Pastor.

One Month Out Letter
We will send people that have not come back for one month a letter encouraging them to plug in.

Generic Welcome Video
We will create a generic welcome video and send first time guests the link if they leave us an e-mail address.

First Time Child Parent Call
We will start calling the parents of each first time child.

Add “Younger” Greeters
We will no longer ask for greeters. Instead we will appoint people and look for younger people to add into our current mix.

Goodies in the Men's Bathrooms
We will start adding stuff like in the ladies room.

Dozens of Gift Bundles Each Week in Clear Sight
We will have dozens of gift bundles each week in clear sight and it needs to be announced each week.

Change Second Time Letter by Adding Next Steps
We will change the second time letter to reflect more next steps and less of the vision/story.

Parking People Need to Direct
People need to know where to go without any confusion

For a look at our current assimilation process:

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