Great E-mail to Volunteers

One of our staff just sent this out to her volunteers for Sunday. Take a look at this. It is a great example of servant leadership!


Good Morning, Here is my question to you: "What can I do to help you in your area of service?" For example....this last weekend Jill came in early to learn set-up. She suggested that I take pictures of the tables and different areas. WOW....great idea! So much eaiser than me trying to explain it and if I am not here so much eaiser for the person filling in. Thanks Jill.

Also, I care about you guys. So if you ever need prayer during the week e-mail or call me. I will keep it confidential if you want or I can send it to the rest of the team so you have a large group praying for you. I know that last year when Bill lost his job it was so important to me knowing I had a group of friends that were surrounding us in prayer. it is....the "list" for Sunday.

Nicole, Carmen, Speers, Allenbaughs, Victoria, Sandra

AJ, SJ, DJ, Robert and Tracie, Keith and Maggie


Cheryl, Linda

As always....e-mail or call me if there is a problem...

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