The History of the Suncoast Part 2

Last post I talked about the stuff that kind of got me to the place where I wanted/felt called to start a church and left off with a coaching network that I got plugged into.

The network I got plugged into was the ground level of what became the NEXT networks and conferences led by Ron Sylvia in Ocala. Hal Mayer was the coach for my network and I got to ride up with him once a month. The trips up and back from Ocala were almost as valuable as the coaching. I got to ask questions. I got to find out what Hal was going through in his first year of planting. It was great.

At the time of the network I had just told my pastor I was leaving at the end of the year to start a church so this would have put us 6-months out from our first service. The timing of the coaching network could not have been better. I changed our purpose statement during that time after reading a book by Guy Kawasaki called "The Art of the Start". If you are thinking about starting a church this book is a must read. It has nothing to do with starting a church but everything to do with starting something from nothing. During the coaching network I also learned just how I was going to start a church from nothing. Sure I had some ideas. Even some good ideas amazingly. BUT, nothing prepares you for starting a church like coaching. It forces you to put feet to your vision and flesh out the practicalities of starting a church.

So the fall of 2005 was spent still 100% committed to growing the student ministry I started and then handing it off, PLUS making trips to Ocala with Hal, PLUS working on the biggest unknown for me and my wife... How the heck were we going to pay for all this? How do you raise money to start a church???

That is what we will cover next time :-) You can't wait can you :-)

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