Sunday Night Stuff

It is Sunday night so I am exhausted... good day at Church of the Suncoast though! Here are some random thoughts...

Attendance bounced back some from the past two weeks. No records but something to build on. We had a great summer then the fall hit and it was like what happened.

Cheryl and I are both really tired. We both have been dealing with some "people" stuff and that is never fun. You should never be allow to have two of those at one time in a marriage.

I am starting to get over my cold.

The band did a great job today: "No One Like You" - DCB "Song of the Redeemed" - Hall "Mighty to Save" - ??? "Not to Us" - Tomlin

Did a really emotional video that told a story about a really tough trip I took as a high school student with my church. Look for the video later this week. Be warned it is emotional. Saw a few guys with a tear...

Set up and tear down went crazy good. Hour & 1/2 for set up and hour-15 for tear down. You guys rock! Great to see some new peeps on the teams.

Our team for one of our children's environments had something come up so our Children's Dir. & her husband had to jump in. They do that a lot. Wish that didn't happen. We need more volunteers!!!

Had some college kids back on break so that was cool. Good to see them.

Came home and watched the race at Dega... Dale Jr got wrecked... SUCK!

Hope you had a great Sunday and hope the kingdom was expanded in your area because of you and your church!

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