Getting a Gun Pulled On You!

In 2007 we did a series at Church of the Suncoast called "The Dangerous Church". This past Sunday I found out just how true that statement was.

At about 6am on Sunday morning I was pushing a cart full of sound gear through the cafeteria of the school we meet in with the custodian. We were joking and carrying on, talking about an operation he has coming up when out of no where the side two doors fly open and two Pasco Counties Sheriffs pull their weapons and aim them at us and yell "Freeze, identify yourselves!!!" Guns still pointed at my head and the flashlight in my eyes. It was a surreal moment. I have never had a real gun pulled on me. Had a few BB guns aimed at me, but never a live weapon aimed at my head and a guy with his finger on the trigger. It might have only been one step but it seems like I took a number of steps after that "Freeze" as my brain tried to come to terms with the situation. Glad I didn't get shot!

The custodian told the officers that he worked for the school and that seemed to be OK to them and they lowered their weapons... I went and changed my shorts and finished pushing the cart to the stage.

Turns out a coach had left a door open the night before and it set some alarm off, one that never was sent to the custodian. So they cops had been in the building for 45 minutes trying to find the perps. Guess they were following procedure, but DANG!

I wish I had some deep spiritual tie in now or some leadership thought, but really I just had a gun pulled on me!

Help me write the rest. Leave a comment and I will write the application later this week.


Hal Hunter said...

Not like it is on TV or in the movies when someone has a gun pointed at them, is it? No wise-cracks or macho jokes- just pure adrenaline and real fear.

Brian A. Moon said...

I agree Hal. Nothing but fear. It was strange. I'm sure it will work into a message soon :-)

Michelle said...

Would have never known it by your calm cool & collectedness (is that a word?) on Sunday morn during service. What a wild story!

Brian A. Moon said...

Thanks for that. It was a couple hours before I was on stage so I guess the Diet Coke took the edge off :-)