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[All Marketers Are Liars]

You can no longer force people to pay attention. How do you apply? Free gifts to your people… T-shirts, bracelets. Increase the touches a person gets with your stuff everywhere they go.

When we encounter something for the first time we compare to status quo, if not new we ignore it. Multi-site is something new in a community. New signage. Your people doing something different or unusual.

If a consumer figures it out on their own they believe it 1,000 times more than if you are marketing it to them. Application?

Your goal should not be to create a story that is quick, or has no risk; boredom will not help you grow. When you are telling your own people about something within your church are you giving information or telling a story about groups???

[Discipleship Strategy]

Things God Uses in All Our Lives to Grow Us Up

Practical Teaching
Providential Relationships
Personal Disciplines
Personal Ministry
Pivotal Circumstances

We have to create the chance for this, but we can’t create a lot of these. People have to be responsible for their own development too! Not just dependant on the church alone.

Keep the end game in mind… what does a fully devoted follower of Christ look like? Have to know that before you can move people towards it or even track people’s progress.

Some thoughts on changing the discipleship culture within the church overall since most churches are not really discipling people:

We have to let go of control as the church and simply create opportunities for the above 5 Things to happen. We need to help our people take ownership of their own growth too. We need to capitalize that people have relationships already outside the church and are really busy so this must be simple and repeatable. The church is not the center of our culture any longer. So we need to help people not compartmentalize church from the rest of our lives.

Membership: Clarify mission and vision for it. Adds accountability. Need to decide what membership gains a person. What are the requirements? Does it have a term limit?

Budget: In the good times build about 3 – 6 months of cash reserves. The lean times might actually help cut staff not needed and to stop doing things we didn’t need to be doing. Make sure staffing is less than 50% of the overall budget. 100:1 – One staff person for every 100 people. 30% or less on facilities. 10% Church tithe. If things are bad enough then you have to go for the ASK! Just be honest with your people and tell them your need.


Serving / Total Attendance = 35% – 45% is healthy.

Ways to Boost Volunteerism:

  • Think Volunteers before Staff
  • Hire Leaders NOT Doers
  • Stay Focused, What Needs to be Done?
  • Don’t Fill Roles, Where Does This Person Belong? (Ability / Availability)
  • Teach Shoulder Tap to Current Volunteers… “Can You Do This for Me, Then Follow Up”
  • Make the ASK Personal, One on One
  • Learn How to Train on the Fly, People Are Busy
  • Empowering Volunteers
  • Sometimes You Need to Fire Some Volunteers, Just Because they are Volunteering they Still Have to Be Accountable for the Job
  • Make sure you share stories, Their Service Matters

Other Thoughts: This is part of your spiritual journey. Show appreciation. Give people a break, create an openness before burnout. Semesters… mini-training and mini-party.

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