Community Groups (Small Groups)

Right now at Church of the Suncoast we are looking at our Community Groups (small groups) and seeing if they are really hitting the mark. I have been frustrated with the groups process this past year. We have not seen huge numbers of "new" people get plugged into a group. We get a few groups going for a semester (we do semester groups) and then they dwindle down and it usually becomes the same people over and over again. Not saying that good things have not happened with them. Some real friendships have been made and some life change has taken place. But it is a huge effort (mainly on my part) and it seems like we are fighting the wind instead of throwing up a sail and harnessing it.

As I was praying through this yesterday here were some of my thoughts:

People's Need's (as they see them)
> Someone to hear them
> Someone to encourage them
> A break from "life"
> Some direction
> To laugh
> A place to belong
> A "3rd place"

Spiritual Needs Met in Community
> Learning how to pray
> Learning how to read the Bible
> Praying for each other
> Sharing burdens
> Care

Obstacles Between These
  1. People are BUSY
  2. People are skeptical of opening up and going to a "strangers" home
  3. Child care (we are portable and do vouchers for people to get their own care but still an obstacle)
  4. People already have friends and don't see the need for community

I also want to get our groups or whatever we do more focused on the community and the mission of the church overall. We need to be serving the community more I think.

So there is where I am at as I plan for 2010. I know people need community. I know we need to connect more "new" people into community if we are going to close the backdoor we have. Praying for guidance.

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Lauren said...

I've considered joining a small group, but didn't know when new groups are starting and what the different groups were. Are new one's starting soon?

Brian A. Moon said...

What made you consider it??? They are in break right now and mid Feb is when they would normally crank up. Will keep you posted but curious your thoughts about getting in a group.

Lauren said...

I've considered it because I'm interested in knowing more people at the church, and having a group of people to discuss the recent sermons further, or doing a bible study of some sort.

I'll keep an hear out for for when you announce that you're getting the groups back together.

Perno said...

I was hesitant to join the Community Group at first because it wasn't really explained what went on during the meet ups. Luckily Allison (my wife) pushed us to join just to see what they are all about and I'm glad we did one semester.

We stopped attending because we wanted to spend more time with Cameron our little son, but it was a good experience.