Lunch with a New Church Planter (PART 3)

Another thing I told my church planting friend Charlie that I wanted to mention in this series of posts was this:

"Find a network of like-minded church planters"

I have been blessed to have a network like that here in Tampa Bay. About the same time we started the Suncoast we also started a network called Innovative Network of Churches or INC. Hal Mayer, Paul Wirth, Dave Melendez, myself and a few others gathered once a month and from those small beginnings there are now over 20 people that show up for a time to hang out, share issues, find resources, cheer for each other, and learn what is working.

Being a church planter for whatever reason kind of isolates you from the rest of the church world, or it at least feels that way. So you need to have some guys that are going through what you are going through and a few that have just gone through what you are going through and lived to tell about it. You also will need a place to get resources and ideas. Church planters are the most generous people you will find and I have picked up and passed on everything from series ideas, stage props, portable church carts, a guest speaker and on and on it goes...

So if you are planting or about to... find a network of guys and if you have to get into a coaching network to make those relationships. Check out these guys:


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