Lunch with a New Church Planter (PART 1)

Yesterday, I had lunch with an old friend who is about 7 to 8 months away from beginning the church planting process. The meeting reminded me a lot of a meeting I had with Hal Mayer before I began the process of starting Church of the Suncoast. This week I will be sharing some thoughts from that lunch and today I want to share what I told Charlie when he asked me:

"What are the three most important things you could tell me"

Here is what I said:
  1. Don't underestimate the "details" of the Sunday service. Even if it is just one guy in a orange vest have someone in the parking lot to greet people. Have more than one layer of greeters. Be anal about the look and feel of the physical environment. Have clear signs. Give away good donuts and coffee not generic crap. Pay attention to the program and how it looks and feels to the touch. Make sure your service makes you look twice your size. Be CREATIVE. All the truth in the world is lost if you don't keep people's attention.
  2. Get a worship leader / side kick from the start. Find a partner to do this with. Find someone that can help you edit a video and then help you mop the floor and then lead a band. You need someone to share the load with.
  3. Protect your wife / marriage. Your wife is not expected to be it all and do it all. My wife Cheryl has done almost ever job at the Suncoast when she wanted to and when she needed a break has taken them. Right now for example she just goes to our second service, does lights, helps after the service and that is it, and that is FINE!!! People will just have to accept that. Your wife's job is to be there for you first. You are her number one ministry so protect her. Protect your family.

We talked for 3 hours!!! So there was a lot more stuff but those were my top three for someone about to start the process of planting a church. If you have planted a church what three would you say???

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