The Church I See

This Sunday at the Suncoast we begin a new series called "The Church I See" and basically I am just going to share my heart and vision and passion for our church.

As I have been thinking about this some of these things came to mind:

I see a church so full of life that people crowd the doors each week just waiting for them to open so they can hurry and get a good seat like it is Taylor Swift or Dave Matthews’s concert at the Ford Amphitheater. I see a church where people invest their lives into their friends and neighbors lives and then inviting them week after week until they show up at the Suncoast. I see a church where the people are so passionate about God and others that it cannot be ignored by the community. I see dozens of people in teams serving the community each month and meeting not just spiritual needs but physical needs. I see a church were the music is so rocking that you have to pass out ear plugs for the unprepared. I see a church where the kid’s ministry is better than anything Disney could come up with. I see a church where the student ministry is not just a place to hang out but a place where hundreds of teenagers become a generation passionate for Jesus. I see a church that has seen over a 1,000 people accept Jesus and baptized by its 10th birthday. I see a church that loves and accepts each other and everyone that walks through the doors. I see a church where that love is so contagious people are drawn to it. I see a church where people become lasting friends and do life together. I see a church where people are there for each other when life falls apart. I see a church where hundreds of people serve every Sunday and are a part of making something bigger than themselves happen every week. I see a church where people "get it" that we are the church, and we are here not for ourselves, but for the world. I see a church full of people with a "Whatever it takes attitude" for reaching our community with the love and grace and power of risen Jesus! That is “The church I See.”

I hope you will do everything you can to attend THIS Sunday 3.21 as we talk about what the church could and should be and how you play a part that is bigger than you know.

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this is probably the best church planting blog I have ever come across. such authenticity, in the good times and the bad.