Nuts and Bolts

A friend of mine is doing their first church conference called Nuts and Bolts. Mike is a friend from back in the West Palm student ministry days and we both planted churches about the same time. In fact we financially helped them a little bit back in the early days. So check out his conference and learn some practical stuff, no fluff!

What is it? Nuts and Bolts is a one-day conference for church planters, church leaders and their teams. There will be two main sessions and one breakout session (you’ll choose from about six of them)

When is it? Saturday, June 26. We chose to do this on a Saturday so bi-vocational pastors or church planters with day jobs can come and can bring people. It starts at 9am and it will end with an early-edition of our weekend service.

How much does it cost? $10 a person. We wanted to keep the cost extremely low because we’re not trying to make money…we’re trying to equip church planters. And 100% of the registration fee goes to church planting.

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