Sign Wars

So when the Suncoast start just under 4 years ago there were not any churches close to us. Every week we would put out our signs along SR 54 and every week we would take them down. In the past year we have had 3 churches pop up within less than a mile of our school we use on Sundays.

First, I have no issue with churches being near each other. We are supposed to be on the same team. AND, it will increase traffic just like Walgreens and CVS being across the street from each other all over Florida. I hope everyone reaches tons of people with the Good News about Jesus.

BUT, what bugs me is the sign wars! This week I had to laugh! A church that you can't even see from our entrance put out a sign right across the street from all our signs. AND, another church just went in the school that shares our parking lot and they have their signs right next to ours. I mean side by side. Again I laugh.

But I wonder what the world sees as they pass by? Competition... typical Christians?

I don't want a single person from their churches to come to ours, really! The reason we do signs is for a lost and hurting community to see there is a church right in their backyard. If someone goes to another church then they are not our target. Our target is the couple who doesn't go to church and their marriage is about to fall apart. The guy who has been out of work for months and is about to give up and sees a sign to try God one last time.

I don't know what the answer is and I am not mad about this... the sign wars just make me wonder how non-church people see us???

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