Homework from Sunday

This past Sunday we started a new series that I honestly believe will be the most important thing we talk about all year! That doesn't mean you can skip the rest of the year after this series... The series is called "Go Fish" and if you missed it you can watch it here on my blog at the upper right corner.

At the end of the message I gave everyone some homework. The homework was to write a quick letter to the person or group of people that God used to strategically bring you to faith, or back to faith. The person or group of people that told you the message of Jesus and it "stuck". We said most of us have heard the message of Jesus so there was something unique about the messenger God used, and this letter reminds us:

  1. We were all "fish" once!

  2. We are so glad this person took a chance, got up the courage, and invited us, gave us a book, told us about their faith. We are glad they told us, not mad about it.

  3. If it was not for this person (don't get all theological on me) we might still be a "fish" wandering in the depths trying to make sense out of life.

So, have you written your letter yet? I wrote mine to my parents. I have not sent it to them yet, but I plan on doing so. You can give it to the person, but you don't have to! The point is for us to remember what it is like to do for someone else what someone did for us.

If you have a letter you would like me to post on my blog e-mail me at brian@canthisbechurch.com

See you Sunday for part two of "Go Fish"

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