The Sunday That Was (July 24)

The weekend got off to a great start Friday night at "Hot Summer Nights". Well, it was great until Mike nailed me in the head with the giant jousting deal. My neck is still stiff! BUT, it was a BLAST! I don't know what the total count was but people were all over the place! It was a great event to make some of those "outside of Sunday" connections. (Our fall run of NEXT Groups is another chance so be ready to sign up in August) Thank you to Rita, Henry, Crystal and Keith for all your help.

Sunday at the Suncoast was part 3 of our "Go Fish" series. I am still convinced this is the best series of messages we have ever done. This is so huge, so focus shifting for Christ-Followers! AND, we have had 7 people accept Christ over the past few weeks!!! Go God! Leave it to God to bring people to Him during a series about His followers "fishing". The main points from Sunday were:

  • Most of us don't fish because we are afraid, "What if they ask a hard question, what if they freak out, what if they fire me, what if things get awkward?"

  • BUT, drawing from Acts 4... God is Sovereign and in control, He has also invited us to be a part of His story in our generation, so why be afraid?

  • We should ask God to make us BOLDER! (and in fact that was the homework. Start praying for one week, "God, enable me to speak your word with great boldness.")

We also had an amazing video to set the message up, take a look:

A big thanks to the greeters for standing out in the July heat! I hope you guys get how important you are to the mission of our church. You are the first impression a guest has! You let them know this is a safe, welcoming place. Keep your eyes on the vision this summer :-) You guys rock.

Well, that was Sunday. Check back later in the week for some news from the staff retreat a couple weeks ago. Do your homework! Throw this in at the end of your prayers, "God, enable me to speak your word with GREAT BOLDNESS."

PS - Be "fishing" for the fall launch on August 21st! Grab some of the new invite cards!

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