A Suncoaster's Letter (The Homework)

Dear Mom,

I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for providing me with a strong foundation of faith. My pastor this week was talking about the moment you discovered faith and I couldn’t think of a day I didn’t have faith. So I thank you for all the things you taught me as a child! Even though we didn’t attend church much, you always taught us to pray at bed time, you tried to teach us Bible stories in the living room, you always showed us Gods love. Yes, I attended church classes when I was older, but they did not make me who I am today. So I thank you for the greatest gift a mother can give… the gift of Faith in Jesus!

I am so blessed, I know God has been with me my whole life, I remember praying to him on so many nights as a child and every step of my life. I have had many people help me develop my faith and lead me to take steps of faith that I never thought I would do. I know God placed _____ and _____ in my life for a reason, they also helped me grow and see God and Faith in a different light. I so miss them, but I know they are with me. My church has of course, helped me soar. I know God has perfect timing and I believe the day I received the flyer that lead me to attend to the Suncoast for the first time was part of his plan. It’s the perfect fit! I count my blessing each and every day! So I thank you with all my heart for planting the seeds and helping them grow!

I love you MOM!
Your Daughter

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