Looking for Wins!

So, real quick today I wanted to share with all my Suncoast family something that I was thinking and praying about this past week.

Everyone likes to be on a winning team. When the Rays and Bucs win, the stadium fills. When they don't, it is empty. Everyone likes a winner. In the church world the same thing applies but how you measure a win is much different, AND if left unspoken you guys will fill in the blanks for yourself and often that is butt's in seats. Which is an important measurement for wins because numbers are people, BUT they are also so fickle! So here is a quick list of some things to look for to know if we are "winning".

  • If you see even one face you don't recognize then that Sunday was a win. We are here for those not here yet and even one guest means we won.

  • If you see someone new serving, greeting, cafe, band, kids... if you have not seem them doing that role before then it was a win because they are helping to create a relevant environment for God to work. AND taking a next step by getting outside of themselves!

  • Any Sunday (since we are portable) it all gets done and the video, lights and sound are right on it was a win because those guys and gals try really hard!

  • Any Sunday you have a moment in the music/prayer/communion when you forget, even for a few seconds, that you are in a school cafeteria and all you are focused on is our God and His amazing love for us... WIN!

  • When you see someone take out their program and take some notes during the message... WIN! When you do it... BIG WIN!

  • When we have a baptism and child dedication Sunday like we do coming up on August 28th and even one person takes their next step of faith and gets baptized then that Sunday was a win and the angels throw a party in heaven! When even one family dedicates their child and says, "God help us and do something amazing in this kids life"... WIN!

  • When you see people hanging out after the service and talking and laughing and enjoying being in the house of God then that Sunday was a win! When you head straight to the car and bolt, we lose...

  • When your kids can't wait to get to church and don't want to leave, win! When they get you out of bed and they are the reason you came that week, yep WIN!!!

  • AND, when people get their on time (that would be in the cafeteria by 10:30), when the seats are all full, and you see the ushers taking out more chairs, yes that is a win, and we should celebrate it!

Hope this list helps, obviously when someone accepts Jesus that is the ultimate win and it doesn't matter what else happened that day, but you don't always know when that happens like I do. Just know every month we have people do just that and we should be excited about that.

See you all Sunday, will we win?

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