The Sunday That Was (August 14)

On Sunday we wrapped up our summer "Go Fish" series. If you missed the message you can watch it on the upper right video player here on my blog. We also gave away the deep sea fishing trip you have been entering to win during this series and CONGRATS to Angel on the "big catch". You can also see him win on the message video, great reaction!!! Enjoy it bro! Angel is one of our loyal set up guys and he and his wife Stephanie are stepping up to be our middle and high school directors (more on this later this week).

A few highlights from Sunday:

  • The story in 2 Kings 7:3-16 is not one you heard in Sunday school but it put a period on our series because the 4 guys HAD TO GO BACK and tell the others about the GOOD NEWS.

  • With great discovery comes great responsibility!

  • BE CAREFUL: The longer you are a Christian the easier it is to allow our time and lives to be so absorbed with what God is doing in and for us that we forget to go back to those we left behind.

  • We have a tension... will we go back to some of the people and places we used to know?

I also shared 10 questions if we really buy into anything we have talked about over the past 6-weeks, if we really thought we had to fish:

  1. Who would you make time for to invite to lunch?

  2. Who would you buy your next random gift for?

  3. Would you do anything different financially?

  4. Who would you have over for dinner?

  5. Who do you need to invite to church THIS WEEK?

  6. Would you change where you workout / shop / get your hair cut?

  7. Would you change where your kids play sports?

  8. Would you change your golfing / shopping partner?

  9. How would you pray different?

  10. Who would you adaciously pray for until they accept Jesus?

I hope this series has challenged you to rethink your faith and even how you live out your life with Christ. ONE OF THE BEST THINGS WE COULD DO now is get out there this week and make sure people come on Sunday because of us! We have a great fall launch planned and a new series called "Life at the Redline." It will be the perfect environment for someone to just "Come and see" like we talked about. I know you are busy and have all kinds of things to do this week. But, lets not miss this opportunity to "Go Fish" and introduce people to the God in this song...

This was our communion song from Sunday:

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