The Sunday That Was (July 31)

This past Sunday was just one of those Sunday's as a portable church where you are glad next week will be here in just a few more days. Set up went well and everything was fine until about 9am. One of our band members called in sick, and we already had several out for various reasons. So... some last minute tweaks, some frantic txt and Tom shows up with his keyboard and pulls off playing the bass off it for the service. When he woke up Sunday he had no idea what he was getting into. Great job being flexible guys! I know it is hard, but you pulled it off. Thanks band guys and gals for all you do!

Sunday was (what I thought) going to be the most important message in our "Go Fish" series. I was pumped, I was excited, then I walked out to do the welcome and OMG! Can anyone say July vacation? Thank you guys for showing up and being such good sports, but dang! I was not ready for the empty seats. It filled in some as the service went on and I know God used the message and He knew who would be there and was not shocked. One of these days I will be able to better express the dynamic I go through personally when the room is full vs when the room is not. But, it does dramatically (in my mind at least) change my mood, my preaching, and even my recovery time post service. Again, today is Tuesday and I know it was July and I am fine. Just letting you into my head and my passion and the church behind the curtain.

If you missed the message... check it out here on my blog to the upper right. It is well worth the time investment! I know it is not urgent, but it is IMPORTANT! We talked about having a "fishing partner" in the church. That one of the best things we can do as we "Go Fish" is to just get people into a Sunday service to come and see, come and see, come and experience Jesus in this place. AND, the week I am asking you to pack the house is our fall launch on August 21st.

We are planning a lot of fun and creative stuff to "Wow" the people you bring and we are starting a new series called "Life at the Redline" all about the lack of margin in our lives these days. It will be the perfect introduction to the Suncoast and to what this place is all about. So grab lots of invite cards and "Go Fish" over the next few weeks.

Bottom line: some good things happened on Sunday, some small wins, so don't mistake this post for something it is not. Just sharing the real life stuff with my church friends and family. Don't miss this Sunday as we hit part 5 in "Go Fish".

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