The Anatomy of a Move

I have been getting a lot of questions about the time line of our move recently into a new school. Here is the rough anatomy of the move:
  • May - Found out our old school was not renewing our lease and had four weeks to leave!
  • May 15 - Was able to extend our stay until the end of July.
  • June - Secured the new location at Martinez Middle School (10 minutes from old school).
  • June 15 - Announced the move to our church. We never told the people in the seats we got kicked out. We played to the positive. We didn't want to cause trouble or get people mad at the school. Our goal was to motivate people with the news!
  • July - Did several work nights to get things ready, and planned out our promotion.
  • July 15 - Started a series called "The Dangerous Church" all about the vision of the church and how this move was going to expand our influence for the 5 months we are there at Martinez Middle.
  • August - First weekend in the new school. We did a 37,000 piece mailer to get the word out.
  • September 9th (after Labor Day) - Had our Grand Opening at Martinez. We did road signs, (2) 25,000 piece mailers, pumped our people up to invite and have seen over 30 first time guests in two weeks. Most of them coming from the new community we are in.

This move has been the toughest of the two so far. We are in a different community then where we started and where we will be back into in the new year. We have lost about a dozen people or so in the move. But, we also are influencing people that might not have ever stepped foot in our old location. Sometimes growth happens like a slingshot. Sometimes you have to move backwards to be shot forward.

If you have any more questions or your own move story let me know:

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