Growing Healthy Churches RE-CAP (9.10.07)

(Next Meeting is October 8th)



Managing Expectations
It’s the role of the leader. Be careful giving out a number prediction unless it’s a personal number each person can reach. You have your expectations and then there are those you share with others. Be careful about setting the bar too high.

Stewardship / Fundraising
Need to develop some gauges like weekly, per capita… want to work on moving those up. Keep an eye on them. Do a money series in August. Do a money back guarantee for tithing. Or, if it is more money management do it in January. Keep an eye on who is giving and if there is any change in their giving. Put a stamp on the offering envelopes you give out in program. Do PayPal. Do direct withdraw with banks. 5/3 has cheapest rate on direct withdraw. Check into Vanco too. Google is doing online giving now! Do quarterly reports to givers with a letter about stories and other ways to give along with an offering envelope. Check up on staff and leaders to see if they are giving. Do a Christmas offering, a special gift to God during Christmas. Is your church tithing?

>> Raising Money Once You Start:
Previous contacts that now see the success of your church.
Window of launching and getting people outside to give is about a year.
Don’t be afraid to hit up other church planters!

Accepting Criticism
“Disciples are Made not Born” – Book Look. Do people think you’ll listen to them? If it goes against the vision you can’t accept it. All other you have to listen to it… You are not as good as they said on the way out the door. AND, they are not as bad as they say at lunch. BUT, people have to earn the right to speak things into your life. Need to find the two or three people that can tell you the hard truths. “Never go to Lunch Alone” – Book Look. You have to receive feedback on different levels. Who did it come from? Remember the source. for non-believer feedback.

Paul Wirth – Personal Walk with God
How do you do the planter/pastor life and the personal life?

1 Timothy 3:4

If you can’t manage your own “temple” (body) how can he mange the church? If we miss the mark personally we might miss the mark church-wide.

How’s your quite time – are you always looking for a sermon. Turn off your e-mail. White noise. Keep a pad in case something comes to you work related to get if off your mind. Find a journal or plan. Find accountability. Try the message or other para-phrase.

Are you in a small group – do you have people to talk to and be open with?

Who are you sharing your story and God’s story with – who are you witnessing to, who are you friends with?


How are you treating your body – How’s your weight?

How’s your family – Are you spending time with them?


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