Direct Mail Questions to Ask

We have had some trouble with our direct mail house (again) and I have been looking at others in the area. As I was looking around several people gave me questions I should ask. Here is a rough list of those questions to find the best mail house for you:
  1. What is the sorting cost per piece? (biggest question)
  2. Do you have any other cost per piece like ink?
  3. Can you print on a glossy post card?
  4. What is their best postage rate per piece?
  5. What is the address list cost per household?
  6. How long does the average piece take after they drop it off?
  7. What other churches (references) have they worked with?

Our first mail house mailed them too late. The second mailed them too late. Our current company has mailed the last 2 postcards too early!!! Hopefully these questions will help you find a direct mail house that is just right!

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