God on Your Vacation

This past week my wife and I went on vacation! If you are a church planter then you know how hard that can be sometimes (or at least we make it seem that way).

I want to throw a question out to other church leaders and planters. Do you take God on your vacation? Here is what I mean and if this sounds awful then I'm sorry... this is just my own transparency.

As a church leader it is easy to get burned out on the "things" of God. We are God's spokesman in our communities, we are always reading and studying to present God's Word on the weekends, we are always praying for God to bless this or work in that situation. If I am not careful my walk with God can become tiring because I mix my job and walk together so much of the time. So, when I go on vacation I usually leave God back at the office too. Now, I am not saying I act like God is away, or that I don't pray before a meal, but I didn't have a single quiet time alone with God. I didn't read my Bible once even though I did take it this time... because I mix my walk with God and my job up I tend to take a "God" vacation too I have noticed.

Does anyone else ever feel like this? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear what others think.

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