One of Those Weeks...

On Monday of this week the school that we use on the weekends called an audible and we had to tear everything down. On Tuesday my laptop's hard drive, that we also use for MediaShout on the weekends, took a dump. Lost everything and had not backed up since Easter. So today at 9:14pm I am just getting everything back to near normal... I have also been fighting some health issues... It's one of those weeks.

BUT, this is what I am excited about! This Sunday I get to finish out the One Prayer series with my one prayer, "God Makes Us... Open to Change." Stay tuned for the podcast on Monday. We also are dunking some people in baptism and collecting an offering to start churches through One Prayer. God is up to something for there to be this much hassle going on you know! Say a prayer for this weekend at Church of the Suncoast. (And for my computer)

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