One Prayer Stories

This past Sunday we gave everyone an envelope with $20 inside of it and these instructions:

Here are a couple of the first stories:

I put together ten envelopes. On each envelope, I put the church website and two instructions: 1. Take what you need, or leave what you can. 2. Pass it on. I put $20 in each and gave them out--some who will likely put in and pass on, some who could probably use the money.

I took the $20 and gave it to the manager at Barnhill\'s Restaurant in Elfers. He was perplexed at first, but then he was amazed that someone would just give $20 to help someone that they didn\'t know have a good meal or two. I told him it was at his discretion to give it to senior citizens or anyone that looked like they might need some help in paying for a good meal. He said, \"God Bless You\" know what? He already had! Like that song says.....\"What a feeling....\"!

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