10 Things I Learned @ Activate

Went to Nelson Searcy's Activate Small Group event today. Lots of good stuff. Here are the top ten things going on inside my head right now:

10. Our small groups are too small! The best groups are 12 - 15 people because it takes a very skilled leader to lead a group of only 7 people or less.

9. You may not have to hire a small groups person if you split the role up among all your staff.

8. Summer group attendance is the same as spring group attendance.

7. Don't make people go to something else before they can sign up for a group.

6. Do group sign ups for a month and then close the groups for three months.

5. Don't split groups or even multiply groups. Multiply leaders!

4. It is possible to have more people in groups than on Sunday mornings!

3. If the entire staff (pastor too) is not in a group then this isn't going work.

2. Have new leaders lead the study they just did under someone else.

1. We oversell groups when it comes to relationships. We need to promote friendships not intimate, life-long, relationships! They might happen out of a group but are not where most groups are going to be.

0 (Bonus). If a group does not produce new leaders after two semesters kill it because it has become inwardly focused!

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