Small Group One Day Event

If anyone is near Tampa and would like to get some great insights into starting and growing small groups then please check out the link to Nelson Searcy's Activate Small Group One Day Event. Here is what you will get answered:

* How do I get 100% of my church involved in small groups?
* What are the basic elements of an effective small groups system?
* How do I recruit and train enough small-group leaders?
* What are the myths that are holding back my small groups?
* What is a good structure for small-group ministry?
* How do I get small groups involved in serving and evangelism?
* How do I get started?

For more info or to sign up click on the following link:

LINK for Activate Seminar


Unknown said...

Brian - thanks for the shout out! I'll be happy to give you a free pass and the first two people from your blog to email me (ns1 at - put Brian's Blog in the subject line).


Brian A. Moon said...

Cool man! We sent the e-mail out to all the INC Tampa guys.

Danny Schaffner, Jr. said...

Brian - I would love to go. Got changes in our community groups coming in 2009 and want to see if we are heading the right way. I'd only need one ticket.