Weekend Update @ the Suncoast

Wow! This was a busy Sunday for me... set up / service / tear down / went and picked up some used storage carts from the guys at the Bay / went to my wife's school's play / 20 minute nap / student group at 7pm... Here are some thoughts:

Our crowd was a little lower than the past 4 weeks. We had 118. But over the past four weeks we have averaged 128 people. That is the first time we have been a month over 125. Think we have broken that one... on to 250 now!

We are going to two services in late Jan 2009. Do we need to... kind of... But I think we need to roll the dice as a church like we did in the early days 2 years ago. Stay tuned...

The band at the Suncoast has been rocking over the past few weeks. We have been doing a few Lee McDerment songs and I love the sound. Out new drummer is smokin' it!!!

Over the past four weeks we have had:
  • 46 first time guests
  • 30 second time guests
  • 9 third time guests
  • 12 people accept Christ!!!

I was in the second part of a new series called "BIG faith" (Click HERE for the podcast) and I think I did a good job with the talk. No glaring mess ups and the only stupid thing I said was something to the effect that the first time you hear someone teach the Bible in a practical way it is like "Biblical Crack". You can't get enough of it. Nice right?

It was stinkin' cold doing set up, only 45!!!

I am grateful we have some people at the Suncoast who will do whatever it takes to make things happen on a Sunday. Very cool peeps!

We did communion a little different. We had it right in the middle of a song. Not sure how it went because I didn't do it. I was back in my "green room". Thanks Steve for leading out.

We already need a bigger trailer... yikes!

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