What Went RIGHT Yesterday

Wow, OK I have to share with everyone what went RIGHT yesterday at Church of the Suncoast. Go God's times 6:

We had 139 people in the middle of November!!!

We had 14 first time guests!!! (19 last week)

We had 14 second time guests!!!

We had 2 third time guests!!!

We had 8 people accept Christ!!!

We had a $9,200 offering!!!

That blows me away! Go God! Go Suncoast! You guys had a part in each of those, I am blown away! Speakless... Crazy right?

Here is what went wrong:

30 minutes before the service our PC that we run Media Shout on took a dump. A big one. A nasty one. No amount of reboots would help. We tried to use my old laptop but the VGA port is broken so that didn't work. We held people outside until 9:55 and finally had to open the doors with no media... and we are a media driven church. No 4B4 pre-service video which is the bands cue to take the stage... no lyrics... no graphics... no cool message intro... and 1/2 my message was on video! So fun stuff.

I have been praying the three prayers from "IT" (Stretch me, Ruin me, Heal me) Wow!


Hal Mayer said...

Very, very cool!

Brian A. Moon said...

Thanks man! It has been a fun few weeks we have had 116, 123, 125, 139 and had over 10 people accept Christ. -- Had about 50 or so stick around for our vision meeting too.