Come Early, Get Stuff... What???

So this past Sunday at Church of the Suncoast I did the welcome about 2 minutes into the service. We opened with a clip from the Sopranos and then I was out. During the welcome at both services I told the people that were there on time to write "on time" on their communication card and we would send them a gift this week for being on time to church.

Why? Because like a lot of places we have a late problem. People just come late. We have about 75% of our crowd show up about 10 minutes into the service. And, we have tried all kinds of things. We always start on time. We don't wait for people to get there. We used to do countdown clocks, now we do a pre-service video deal called the 4B4. We have free coffee and donuts. We publish the fool out of our start times. But, not much has helped.

I don't know how much this should matter? So this week I just wanted to say thank you to the people that were there on time. So tomorrow we will be sending them a gift... what? I have no idea. Does anyone have any suggestions? An online gift would be cool???

But, I would love to hear your story at your church. Do you have this problem? Is it a problem? Should we care? What should we do? Leave a comment or e-mail me direct at

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