Looking Back on a Great Day

Yesterday at Church of the Suncoast was stinkin' awesome! Here are some of the many reasons why:
  • For the fourth straight week we broke the previous highest attendance. Not by a alot, but we have had 169, 171, 173, and this week we had 175 (maybe 177). Each week a new record! I like that. AND, please know that the only thing I am bragging about is what God is doing. I am not trying to compare and all that. I just get excited about letting people know God is doing something at the Suncoast.
  • We baptized 5 people!!! That is what it is all about!
  • We dedicated 5 children!!!
  • Another person accepted Christ!!!
  • Even though Steve, our worship guy, was out of town the band still cranked it. Thank you guys! We have kind of been taking some hits to the band recently so I was nervous about Sunday, but they did great. We still need a few new people, but the sound has not suffered. Very cool. Great job Steve for getting them ready. We even busted out some Hank Williams Jr for our new series and you could tell people were like... "What... did they just say "...if I get stoned and sing all night long..."
  • For the past two weeks I have felt like I did better at the first service than the second, which was my concern that the first might not be my A-game, but I think it just depends on the week. They each will take on a life of their own. No two talks are a like.
  • The set up teams keep totally owning the set up even with having to get done quicker now. Tear down gets it done too!!!
  • We did some tailgating after the baptisms. Cool. The school installed new video cameras so in some cubical in India they got to watch church people party.
  • We had a couple come from Indiana. There pastor sent them to our church because he reads my blog. Wow! What an honor!

This new series is going to be huge I know it. Please, please, please don't miss part two this Sunday guys.

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