Cutting Back!

So here is my question for everyone... where are you cutting back right now? If I have to hear one more time about these "tough economic times" I might go crazy. But, I know the reality is people are cutting back whether they need to or not. AND, this is felt in the church world a lot!

Here are some of the things we are cutting back on at Church of the Suncoast:
  • We do a Volunteer Central area on Sundays for volunteers to get some food and chill. We are having to cut back the size of the spread. We were spending thousands of dollars on this and even though we hate to do it... we are cutting back to some cereal bars and such.
  • We have had two billboards along SR 54 (our main drag in our area) but we are cutting one of them. Even though they have been great for us the $1,500 a month / sign price tag is just more than we can do right now.
  • We lost a staff member a month ago who did all our video and graphic stuff and we are not replacing him right now. We will outsource it, get volunteers with some skill, or I will crank them out like the early days.
  • We are about to start our budget process and I am guessing we will cut it about 15% from 2008's.

So where are you cutting back as a church leader? Where are you cutting back personally? How are you getting creative to still keep ministry at a high level of excellence?

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