It is the Little Things

Church of the Suncoast is a portable church. Meaning we take a middle school and transform it into a church each Sunday morning. A lot of churches start out this way and I know the temptation when you are portable is to think you can't make a "WOW" impression because you don't have your own building.

BUT, I would argue that it is those little things that create a "Wow" factor. One thing I was reminded of this Sunday when I used the "public" restroom... yes I have my own even at a middle school. But, I used the regular men's room and noticed this table. On it we have mouth wash, tissues, Axe (because that is how we roll @ the Suncoast), mints and one decorative sailboat to complete the Suncoast theme. The time and cost for all this is so small but it creates that "Wow" factor for guests and regulars alike.

So what small, creative things could you do to make a "Wow" factor even as a portable church? Keep the ideas going and leave a comment.

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