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Sunday -------- > Fully Devoted Followers of Christ

In traditional church a mix of programs fill the gap…

In the Simple Church you don’t have the programs but what fills the gap? What makes the spiritual disciplines / formation “contemporary”. Small groups can become the next Sunday School.

Organizational Change:
Adkar – Book by Jeffery Hiatt

Awareness for the need for change… why do we need this???

Desire for change… communication of the desire or creating it!

Knowledge… the how, what do you want them to do.

Ability. Do they have the ability to change?

Reinforcement. Affirming the change and the “wins”.


*Have one key leader per area… give people only one boss.
** The structure will change, maybe every 18 – 24 months.
*** Make sure your best leaders are at the upper levels not just because the function a key area that you think should be there.

Seasons of Leadership:
You lead by example (on the front end of a church or ministry)
You then lead other people (I can’t do it all, just pass off tasks)
Now you lead other leaders (you begin to empower people for ministry)
Finally, you lead by vision (the whole organization, can see the whole picture)


Staff Meetings
Death by Meeting (Patrick M. Lencioni)

Text to First Time Guests… 80% came back.

Serving is an heart issue… people don’t see the needs is the parking lot is full, you have kids volunteers, and everything gets done.

Delegation v. Empowerment
Task / Results
I own it / You own it
Do my task / For the overall mission
My way / Our way
Can you / Will you (already know you can)
Management / Leadership
Here is what I need / What do you need from me
Serve me / Serve you
Preferences / Organizational values
Limited / No limit
Subordinate / Peer, team

1. Create a culture that expects volunteers to do it before staff
2. 1 staff /100 people – 40 to 50 percent of budget spent on staff
3. Staff ahead of the growth
4. Hire from within whenever possible
5. Don’t hire from a resume, hire from passion, ability, do you like them?
6. Hire people you like, chemistry with you and the team
7. Hire leaders instead of doers
8. Long hello’s and quick good-bye’s
9. Pay your staff well
10. Hold your staff accountable for their attitudes

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