Today at Church of the Suncoast we are starting something new with our Community Groups. We are going "UN - grouped". This semester (summer) we are asking people to gather on their own around 5 strategic books. We had an idea that for the summer people are used to hanging out with the friends they have, the ones they have made at church, and the people they know from serving on a ministry team, so why not leverage those instead of trying to force people into a group full of potential strangers in a more structured setting like we normally do.

So, about a month or so ago I made the announcement that starting on June 15th they would be encouraged to group up and pick a book from our list. The list of books we spent time picking can be found HERE. These either address a need our people have, or it challenges them to think, or it lines them up with the vision of our church. Instead of spending all our time on training and finding leaders it was spent finding the right books.

This is a big risk too because we kind of step back and say have at it, if you are a church leader you can understand how that can go sometimes... But, like everything else at the Suncoast it is an experiment. We want to see if people will leverage their current relationships and if some natural leaders emerge out of it. Who knows so check back in for some updates on how things are going.

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