Who Are You Bringing

So, on Sunday at Church of the Suncoast I told people they needed to:

"Drug someone, throw them in the trunk, and drive them here if you have to..." If you want to hear the audio you can listen HERE. I was talking about a new series we are starting at the Suncoast called "Where's My Bailout." AND, I really believe we all need to bring some people for this series.

People are looking for answers right now when it comes to their finances. AND, this new series is not just a "money" series it is a series about what do you do in the middle of a meltdown. It is going to be very practical and a great series to introduce someone to our church for the first time... OR bring them back if it has been a while.

You guys are the best inviters I know so let's all do our part to pack God's house this Sunday for "Where's My Bailout". I will be praying as you make your invites and I would love it if you would pray for the people I am bringing too.


9:30am & 11:00am
Rushe Middle School

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