Top 10 Things I learned on Vacation

My wife Cheryl and I just got back from our longest vacation in 7 years! I thought a good first blog post back would be the top 10 things I learned on vacation.
  1. I have an amazing wife who I am so blessed to know and love in this life. She is the total opposite from me (which is fun) but I would not want to be married to anyone other than her! Thank you for coming along for the ride babe! (PS - she is now on twitter @IAmCherylMoon)
  2. We have an amazing country! As we got to climb mountains and see things Floridians seldom see and meet the vast variety of people in America I am convinced God has His special hand of blessing on this nation and I pray we will factor Him into our national conscience again before it is too late.
  3. I missed our church. Church of the Suncoast is the place I want to go to even when I am on vacation because it is the church I would go to even if I was not the pastor!!!
  4. We have some awesome staff and volunteers! I missed two weeks and things didn't skip a beat! Thank you Steve, Rita for making sure everyone was in place and thank you to all the volunteers who stepped up! Got to see some other churches volunteers and you guys spank them!!!
  5. I think it is impossible for me to attend another church and not critique it... God you made me like this! BUT, God is doing stuff in other ministries and lives are being changed like they are here at the Suncoast! Go God!!!
  6. Twitter is a great way to let your family and friends be a part of your vacation, I love technology!
  7. It was a bad week to be a celebrity!
  8. Marriott rewards points are awesome! We got 7 nights for just $125!!!
  9. The real South is so different from Florida... there are so many churches! we drove from Chattanooga to Greenville on just back roads like 76 and there must have been 150 - 200 churches! Florida is different, it might even be harder to do church here! I heard someone in the South say "Well it is not hard to get a crowd it is what you do with them..." WHAT? Florida is different!
  10. Coming back from being gone that long is strange, hard, frustrating, BUT TAKE A LONG VACATION WHEN YOU CAN. You need at least 5 days to be able to enjoy the last 2 :-)

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